Border Indoor Competition !

  • The concept is to provide an avenue for existing Hockey member’s to access an Indoor program during the traditional off season. It has been shown to significantly improve players both in close stick skill, as well as overall fitness. Also to invite new members to come & play at the one spot & one time.

How long will the competition run for?

  • Border Indoor Hockey Competition will run for 16 weeks.
  • The success of the program from last comp, this competition will now be extended to have Division A & B.
  • The competition will commence Wednesday evening, ??    ??pm

What is the format of the competition?

  • A mixed competition with a minimum of two females on the pitch at any one time.
  • Games will be played on Wednesday evenings with time slots of 6pm, 7pm and 8pm.
  • Games will run for 2*20 min halves with a 5 minute half time interval
  • Teams will consist of 8 players each with 6 players (including the goalie) on the pitch at any one time.
  • The top two teams will play off in the Grand final at the completion of the program.
  • Rules of indoor hockey

Do I need to be a member of the Wodonga Hockey Club?

  • No, you do not have to be a member of the Wodonga Hockey Club to play in the Border Indoor competition. The competition is open to anyone who would like to try indoor hockey for the first time, to existing players who would like to develop their in close stick skills, or those who would simply like to keep fit in a fun and friendly social atmosphere.

Do I need to be a member of Hockey Victoria?

  • Yes, you will need to be a member of Hockey Victoria.
  • If you are already a member of a Club affiliated with Hockey Albury Wodonga, then you are already a member.
  • If you are not a member, then the Committee of Border Indoor will arrange for your membership to be processed at the time of receiving your full fees.
  • Joining Hockey Victoria is compulsory as it provides the player with access to insurance as per detailed in the Hockey Victoria web site.

What are the registration and playing fees?

  • If a member of Hockey Victoria, registration for the 16 week program is only $160- senior comp. $120- junior comp.
  • If NOT a member of Hockey Victoria, registration will be $190- senior comp. $150- junior comp.
  • There is NO weekly additional playing costs.
  • This covers hire of the stadium.
  • Provides payment to umpires.
  • And some basic equipment.

Can I umpire?

  • Yes, we are looking for umpires.
  • Never umpired indoor before? That’s OK we can teach you the slight but important differences between outdoor and indoor.
  • Umpires will be payed $15.00 per game for senior comp. $10.00 per game for junior comp.

Do I need specialised equipment?

  • Yes. The Indoor Committee has decided that only certified Indoor Hockey Sticks can be used during the competition. (This is to ensure do damage occurs to the surface)
  • Border Indoor will have a number of Indoor sticks available for members to use across the program. This will allow players the opportunity to try the indoor version of the game without having to go out and purchase additional expensive equipment.
  • Border Indoor will be providing socks & tops.
  • All sticks will also need to be taped as an added precaution to damage.
  • We recommend that players purchase their own gloves.
  • Goalie gear is standard. All buckles will need to be taped.

How will the teams be determined?

  • Teams will be selected by the Indoor Hockey Committee. Players will need to complete a registration form.

How do I register?  Registration is easy!

  • Simply click onto home screen and you will see a button ‘Registration’. On line registration payment is also available and is our preferred mode of payment. Once we have received your registration, we will confirm via your email address.

Who can I contact if I have any more questions?

Dennis Martin Indoor Coordinator 0408 671 869
Kyle Brereton President 0418 218 238
Vanessa Flanagan Secretary 0437 263 114